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V-22 Osprey
BOLT encourages a wide variety of students, including reluctant readers, by providing them with books featuring appealing topics and carefully prepared text. Innovative infographics and attention-commanding photography draw in young readers. Packed with dynamic photos, charts, diagrams, fun facts, and infographics, BOLT's attention-grabbing titles are sure to have your readers coming back for more.
ISBN 9780716634300
Series World Book Bolt series (3 books)
Publisher World Book, 2018
Topics / K-2 Non-fiction /
Cooley Peterson, Megan
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Vanilla icecream
The little wild sparrow journeys south across the seas, to a bright new world where he meets little Edie and changes her life forever.
ISBN 9781406350098
Publisher Walker Books, 2014
Graham, Bob
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Verdi, the personality-plus python, begins life as a yellow, boldly striped and lively hatchling who zings his way through the jungle. Join the snake's verdant, vibrant tropical world and share his fun.
ISBN 9780864610829
Publisher Koala Books, 1997
Cannon, Janell
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Very blue thingamajig, The
The Very Blue Thingamajig is a colourful, innovative counting book about the newly hatched thingamajig, who is very blue and very plain. He is different from all the other thingamajigs, so he has no friends. Then, one day, he begins to change.
ISBN 9781862915275
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2003
Oliver, Narelle
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Very brave bear, The
The Very Cranky Bear is back, and this time he is facing Boris Buffalo in a battle of bravery. Each comes up with an activity he is sure the other will be too afraid to complete and each time they are right behind each other, until a huge roar from big, very dark cave sends them both fleeing through the forest.
ISBN 9781742838007
Series The very bear series (6 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2013
Bland, Nick
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Very first questions and answers: What's inside me?
Take a deep dive into your body and how it works. A lift-the-flap, very first questions, book that will answer questions such as: What gives me shape? How do I move? and What does blood do?
ISBN 9781474948203
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2022
Topics / K-2 Non-fiction /
Daynes, Katie & Alvarez Miguens, Marta (ill)
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Very grumpy day, The
There's a big bad mood spreading through the wood. It starts with Bear who upsets Mole, who snaps at Hedgehog, who's prickly with Fox. Soon Bear's bad mood has made everyone grumpy! Can a little bit of love make them happy again?
ISBN 9781848692039
Publisher Little tiger press, 2016
Jones, Stella. J & Edgson, Alison (ill)
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Very hard book, The
This book asks you to imagine and think about some things. That sounds easy, right? Anyone can think stuff. You don't even need to be standing up. Is this book really The Very Hard Book? We shall see. Good luck.
ISBN 9781760526221
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2022
Ben-Barak, Idan & Bunting, Philip (ill)
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Very hungry bear, The
When the very hungry bear goes fishing, he ends up catching more than he bargained for. There's a polar bear, with an armful of fish, who needs help finding a new home.
ISBN 9781742831701
Series The very bear series (6 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2012
Bland, Nick
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Very hungry caterpillar, The
The very hungry caterpillar eats his way through all kinds of food in this beautifully structured and appealing story.
ISBN 9780140569322
Publisher Penguin, 2003
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Carle, Eric
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Very itchy bear, The
Bear is enjoying a pleasant, quiet read which is interrupted when Flea announces his presence, in a way that only fleas can. The resultant sea journey for both Flea and Bear culminates somewhat surprisingly.
ISBN 9781741696516
Series The very bear series (6 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2010
Bland, Nick
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Very long sleep, The
Fox, Chipmunk, Marmot and Bear are such good friends that they decide to build a forest home and live in it together. But when winter comes, Chipmunk, Marmot and Little Bear take to their beds. Fox can't wake them up at all. Fox is lonely and confused, especially when parcels start to arrive for the other three animals. What on earth can be in them, and will the three friends ever wake up?
ISBN 9781786281289
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2017
Noakes, Polly
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Very noisy baby, The
Here is the story of a very noisy baby. She could bellow like a buffalo and roar like a lion. And howl like a wolf for a very long time. The baby loves to make all kinds of sounds. She's really very loud. But when some animals in the town go missing, can the very noisy baby help?
ISBN 9781925475616
Publisher Affirm Press, 2017
Lester, Alison
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Very noisy bear, The
In the jingle, jangle jungle, there's music in the air. It's time for bear to sleep but, perhaps, his friends can find the perfect instrument for him to play.
ISBN 9781743627853
Series The very bear series (6 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2015
Bland, Nick
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Very Play School Christmas, A
The toys are on their way to Jemima's caravan park to spend the holidays together. Join them for classic Play School fun as they bring to life the joy of an Australian Christmas.
ISBN 9780733342363
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2022
Stradling, Jan & Robaard, Jedda (ill)
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Very quacky Christmas, A
'We wish you a quacky Christmas!' Samantha Duck is getting ready for Christmas. 'I'm going to give presents to animals all over the world!' Her friend Sebastian tells her not to bother. 'Christmas is not for animals,' he says. But with the help of her farmyard friends, Samantha sets out to prove that Christmas is for everyone.
ISBN 9780733329623
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2017
James, Ann & Watts, Frances (ill)
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Very sleepy bear, The
On a Jingle Jangle Mountain, as the snow fell on the rocks, a bear was being followed by a very sneaky fox. But Bear was in a hurry, he was running very late, winter had arrived and it was time to hibernate!
ISBN 9781743812549
Series The very bear series (6 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2017
Bland, Nick
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Very super bear, The
Theres a monster in the jungle and its gobbling up the trees! It sounds like a job for THE VERY SUPER BEAR! Can The Very Super Bear and his sidekick, Bruce the Goose, save the jungle from the cranky, yellow monster?
ISBN 9781743831267
Series The very bear series (6 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2019
Bland, Nick
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Very, very, very long dog, The
Bartelby's walks started out great...but they didn't always end so well
ISBN 9781492654452
Publisher Sourcebooks Inc, 2017
Patton, Julia
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Vincent's colors
Van Gogh's paintings cleverly mixed with text from Van Gogh's letters. A wonderful introduction to the more sophisticated world of visual art through a simple introduction to colour. American spelling.
ISBN 9780811850995
Publisher Chronicle Books, 2005
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Viola's secret
Everyone admires Viola because she is so brave and because of the very daring things. But Viola has a secret and at bed-time she is not so brave after all.
ISBN 9780552557535
Series Dewdrop series (5 of 8)
Publisher Random House Children's Books, 2008
MacCarthy, Patricia
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Violet & nothing
Violet is a little girl with big ideas. She is always thinking. One day, Violet starts thinking about nothing...
ISBN 9781925591552
Publisher Fremantle Press, 2019
Burrows, Fiona
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Violin & cello
In a big apartment building two children live next door to each other. One plays the violin. One plays the cello. They play alone until one day something exciting happens. A book about friendship, the magic of music and an original duet for musicians to play.
ISBN 9781922539274
Publisher Exisle Publishing, 2022
Greer, Catherine & Bartel, Joanna (ill) & Lau, Alexander (music)
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Visiting you: A journey of love
Who are you going to visit?" a young child asks curiously. A daughter, a wife, a grandfather, a son...Each simple answer from a fellow commuter shows how we are all bound by the common experience of love, and that it's our similarities - not our differences - that matter most.
ISBN 9781925335668
Publisher EK Books, 2018
Sharpe Shelberg, Rebecka & Edmonds, Andrea (ill)
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Visitor, The
Two sisters live peacefully on a tiny, remote island. When they receive a letter announcing the arrival of their cousin, John, the sisters are initially delighted to have a visitor. But, the sisters' delight is short-lived as John tries to bring order to their comfortable lives.
ISBN 9780958272049
Publisher Gecko Press, 2007
Bougaeva, Sonja
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Vivi finds Bean
Vivi sets off to travel from Hamburg to Sydney to find her godmother. How long will it take and how will she get there.
ISBN 9781741965049
Publisher Murdoch Books Australia, 2009
Holle, Vanessa
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Voices in the park
Four different voices tell their own versions of the same walk in the park. There's a bossy woman, a sad man, a lonely boy and a young girl whose warmth touches those she meets.
ISBN 9780552545648
Publisher Transworld, 1999
Browne, Anthony
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Voyage, The
Displaced by war and conflict, a refugee family sets out on a voyage into the unknown. Told in only a few words (one word per page) this is the powerful story of a family fleeing their war-torn country and making a dangerous trip across the ocean to a new life in a new land.
ISBN 9781925820034
Publisher EK Books, 2019
Vescio, Robert & Edmonds, Andrea (ill)
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Vullah Vunnah Nah: a Gunditjmara lullaby
This ancient song is presented for the first time as a beautiful book for children, includes a CD to song along with.
ISBN 9780987313904
Publisher One Day Hill Pty Ltd, 2012
Clarke, Patricia
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