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The Yellow-eye fish are becoming scarce. Neither the Impatjara Aboriginal community nor the Newmob white community can find the answer alone. Through communication, both cultures approach the problem together.
ISBN 9781863746076
Publisher Era Publications, 2001
Spillman, David & Wilson, Mark (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Yinti: desert child
Yinti, an Aboriginal child, growing up in the Western Australian desert, has no contact with white people until the last chapter of the book.
ISBN 9781875641017
Publisher Magabala Books, 1992
Lowe, Pat & Pike, Jimmy (ill)
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Yirra and her deadly dog, Demon
Demon is a disaster zone, causing havoc wherever he goes. Yirra has to find a way to train Demon or she will be forced to give him away.
ISBN 9780733320392
Publisher ABC Books, 2007
Heiss, Anita
Image currently unavailable
Yong: Journey of an unworthy son, The
Thirteen year old Yong doesn't want to leave his home in China to travel to the Australian goldfields in Ballarat. But, as the firstborn son, he has no choice. On the long and treacherous journey, Yong strives to be an honourable son, while he and his father face many hardships and dangers. But, in his heart, Yong knows the shameful truth. His honour is a lie. Somehow, Yong must find the courage to face what lies ahead.
ISBN 9781925126297
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2016
Brian, Janeen
Image currently unavailable
You ate that
Have a taste of different styles of eating and some very unusual snacks such as a deep-fried tarantula, some nutritious pig guts or perhaps a serving of crocodile
ISBN 9781865048949
Series X-zone series (48 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2005
Topics / Year 6 easy reads /
Richardson, Christopher
Image currently unavailable
You have ghost mail
Matthew has a new computer and he finds that someone who died fifty years ago is trying to communicate with him through this technology. Every real adventure has its funny, scary and desperate turns but this one has a startling twist.
ISBN 9780330396998
Publisher MacMillan, 2003
Blacker, Terence & Stower, Adam (ill)
Image currently unavailable
You kids, count your shadows: hairymen and other Aboriginal folklore in New South Wales
A collection of stories, taken from interviews, which gives an insight into the knowledge and ancient beliefs of the Aboriginal people in NSW.
ISBN 9780646346731
Publisher self-published, 1997
Povah, Frank
Image currently unavailable
You live there
Animals, like people, live in many different kinds of houses. Find out about some of the more unusual animal homes, such as glowworms, clownfish and the trapdoor spider.
ISBN 9781865048826
Series X-zone series (48 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2005
Topics / Year 6 easy reads /
Ramsden, Julie
Image currently unavailable
You wouldn't want to be a slave in ancient Greece
Through humour, this book provides snapshots of ancient Greece from a slave's point of view.
ISBN 9780750232531
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 2001
Macdonald, Fiona & Antram, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
You're a bad man, Mr Gum
Mr Gum is a truly nasty old man. He's absolutely grimsters. But this book is not just about him. There is also a little girl called Polly, an evil butcher, heroes and sweets and stuff, and Jake the dog, who must be saved from terrible, terrible evil.
ISBN 9781405223102
Series Mr Gum series (1 of 8)
Publisher Egmont Childrens, 2006
Stanton, Andy & Tazzyman, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
You're a star
Some people have incredible obstacles to overcome to become stars.
ISBN 9781865048857
Series X-zone series (48 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2005
Armstrong, Cindy
Image currently unavailable
You're history, mate
Among all those legendary Australian bushrangers, stoic explorers and genius inventors, surely there must have been some losers. This book has all the dingbats, dropkicks, dills, duds and disasters in Australian history, from the explorer who claimed to have found an enormous reef of gold then lost it again to the ugliest, least successful and unluckiest colonial bushranger ever.
ISBN 9781741662764
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2008
Stafford, Paul & Nagle, Shane (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Young bloods
Australian Rules football features in this story of Deet, a boy who decides to wreak havoc on the local football club.
ISBN 9780140383805
Publisher Penguin, 1997
Wakefield, Kerry
Image currently unavailable
Young magicians and the thieves' almanac, The
Zack, Sophie, Johnny and Alex have their holiday all planned, they want to learn about card tricks and picking locks at the world famous Magic Circle Club. Suddenly their plans vanish in a puff of smoke when they have to deal with a difficult club president, a stagehand ghost and a crime right under their noses. Join these young magicians as they step inside an adventure that may or may not involve the search for a secret book and a set of impossible crimes.
ISBN 9780141376998
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd, UK, 2017
Mohammed, Nick
Image currently unavailable
Young Murphy
John Murphy was fifteen years old when he joined Leichhardt's ill-conceived expedition of discovery into northern Australia in 1844.
ISBN 9780734407801
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2005
Crew, Gary & Wilson, Mark (ill)
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