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Zachary Quack minimonster
Led by a dragonfly, an inquisitive duck goes exploring and gathers odd pieces of junk on his journey to the river.
ISBN 9780733315800
Publisher ABC Books, 2005
Dodd, Lynley
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Zebra's hiccups
Zebra is a proud animal, reluctant to take advice or lose his dignity. When he gets the hiccups and loses his stripes, he realises that he just might need help from his friends.
ISBN 9781842709238
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2009
McKee, David
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Zelda's big adventure
Zelda has big plans. She wants to be the first chook in space. She leaves nothing to chance and packs food, fuel and a cosy nesting box. But, none of her friends wants to help with her plans.
ISBN 9781925266382
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2016
Alafaci, Marie & McGowan, Shane (ill)
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Ziggy and the moonlight show
"Hoo hoo" Bird has lost her stripy chick! Ziggy the zebra wants to help, but with stripy flowers, feathers and fur everywhere they look, it's not easy. How will they find the chick and get home in time for the Moonlight Show?
ISBN 9781471145797
Publisher Simon & Schuster, 2018
Litten, Kristyna
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Ziggy the zebra
Come on an adventure and learn about zebras and their families.
ISBN 9780980872736
Series True to life series (13 books)
Publisher True to Life books, 2014
Latta, Jan
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Zizzy the sloth sees a blue patch through the rainforest canopy and travels with parrot to investigate the beautiful colour.
ISBN 9781862917972
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2010
Matthews, Penny & Snell, Danny (ill)
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Zog and the flying doctors
Princess Pearl, Sir Gadabout and Zog the dragon are the flying doctors. There's much to do as they soar over the countryside, tending to mermaids, lions and unicorns. But, Pearl's uncle, the King, doesn't think it's fitting for a princess to be a doctor.
ISBN 9781407164953
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2016
Donaldson, Julia & Scheffler, Axel (ill)
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Zoltan the magnificent
When Jack's family take a seaside vacation, his father is able to relax and join in the fun, even pretending he is an animal trainer called Zoltan the Magnificent. An illustrated story of family life.
ISBN 9780734400291
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 1999
Graham, Bob
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The human visitors to the zoo are nowhere near as splendid and positive as the animal inhabitants.
ISBN 9780099219019
Publisher Red Fox, 1994
Browne, Anthony
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Zoo house
One morning young Oscar jumped up, wide awake, he headed for breakfast, but stepped on a snake! What will Oscar do when he wakes up to find his house is a zoo?!
ISBN 9781742767628
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2018
McKenzie, Heath
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After breakfast, Scout the explorer and Beattie the space shuttle are off on an adventure, to discover the wonders of greater outer space.
ISBN 9780734417619
Publisher Lothian Books, 2017
D'Anthes, Sha'an
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Zou is a tiny zebra foal who rises early and is not deterred when his parents insist they are still asleep. He goes into the kitchen and prepares them some breakfast, including large bowls of coffee. And, then, disaster strikes and we find out just how resourceful Zou can be.
ISBN 9781877467202
Publisher Gecko Press, 2009
Gay, Michel
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Zou and the box of kisses
Zou is going on his first trip without his parents and he is worried about missing out on his kisses. Mum and Dad find a way for him to take his kisses with him.
ISBN 9781877467745
Publisher Gecko Press, 2011
Gay, Michel
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