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Deborah Abela Part 1

Deborah Abela Part 2
Deb has always loved going
on adventures, and because
reading is like an adventure
in your head, she loves that
After a trip to Africa where she
was caught in a desert storm,
harassed by monkeys and
thrown in gaol twice, Deb
decided to write the action-
packed Max Remy series.
Deb has also written the
Jasper Zammet, Soccer Legend
series and The remarkable
secret life of Aurelie Bonhoffen.
Her latest book is Grimsdon.
Deb loves to talk about
writing, reading and books.
to learn more.

Andy Griffiths Part 1

Andy Griffiths Part 2
Andy Griffiths is one of
Australia's funniest and most
successful writers. his books
have sold over 4 million
copies worldwide and have
featured on The New York
bestseller lists.
Andy's books have won over
40 Australian children's
choice awards.
Andy discovered a talent for
being stupid at an early age
and since then has amazed the
world with a truly stunning
array of minor mistakes, inane
remarks, incomprehensible
behaviour and extremely
stupid stories. 
The very bad book (Sept 2010)
is the latest offering of very
bad verse, mayhem and
The very bad book (Sept 2010)
is the latest offering of very bad
verse, mayhem and madness to
come from the award-winning and
immensely popular duo,
Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.

Schools can email
to be considered for a visit in 2011.
Andy is booked out for 2010
and only does school visits
when on a publicity tour for
a new book.

Fans can write to Andy
c/o PO Box 731
Williamstown  VIC  3016


Anna Fienberg 1 

Anna Fienberg 2 

Anna Fienberg 3 
"Reading was just about my favourite thing when I was a kid, and probably still is! What I love about reading is that you can have so many hair-raising adventures without having to leave the room. Now I'd add writing to my favourites' list, as when you write you get to choose exactly where you have those hair-raising adventures, and you can live there for a while in your imagination." - Anna Fienberg  Anna has just finished a picture book text called 'Once Tashi Met a Dragon', which should be out next year. Anna is currently writing a novel about a boy who's in love with words, but his father wishes he was in love with wrestling... Anna says "Happy reading!" For more information on Anna,
Lateral Learning

Tashi books

Margaret Wild 1

Margaret Wild 2

Margaret Wild 3
"I have been writing children's books since 1984, but I have been a reader all my life. Because my parents weren't wealthy, we couldn't afford to buy new books, so I was really glad there was a library nearby. I persuaded my family to give me their library tickets, too, so I could borrow several books a week. Reading for me is such a habit and a pleasure that I can't imagine a world without books. Reading also makes my writing better - beautifully written stories and poetry inspire me to try just that bit harder. When I'm not reading, I'm writing, of course. At the moment I am working on some new picture book texts, as well as a couple of novels for older readers."

Peter FitzSimons 1 

Peter FitzSimons 2

Peter FitzSimons 3
Peter is Australia's favourite biographer and a journalist with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald. He has interviewed everyone from President George Bush to Sir Edmund Hilary and every Prime Minister since Gough Whitlam. He played Rugby Union and represented Australia as a Wallaby. He is the author of 21 books. He is married to TV presenter, Lisa Wilkinson, and has three children. Peter's latest book is about growing up in the 60s - A simpler time.
Peter talking about A simpler time If you would like to hear more from Peter contact Sarah Haines.

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