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Image currently unavailable 12107 : Little platypus by Hilton, Nette & Rycroft, Nina (ill)
When a little native animal hatches from an egg beside a river, he feels lonely. He doesn't know where he belongs. How can he find a friend who is just the same? Help Little Platypus discover who he really is.
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... a land of long grasses, where small insects crawl, lived a strange little bug,
with ... about the fish that walks; the sixth sense of the platypus; the deadly ...

2018 Term 1 Additions
... Or a baby platypus? ... 2018, K~2, 9780143771876, 2018, This is the story of
Bobby - the littlest hero in ... But Jack worries that it's a hard life for a little bird ...

K-9 Booklist - Full
... K-2 We're Zoe, Kirra, Matilda, Lily and Ned - five little Aussies ready to ... Find
out about the fish that walks; the sixth sense of the platypus; the deadly ...

K-9 Booklist - Short
... 15291 Big ugly monster and the little stone rabbit, The Wormell, Chris K ... 21150
Bobby the littlest war hero Haylock, Heather & Chisholm, Lael (ill) K ...

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