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Image currently unavailable 29847 : Fix-it man, The by Powell, Dimity & Johnston, Nicky (ill)
When things break, who do you get to fix them? The Fix-It Man of course! It's handy having a dad who can fix just about anything. But what happens to broken hearts when sticky tape and super glue are not enough? Together, a young girl and her father face grief and heartache, and discover that love can sometimes be the best glue of all.
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Even the return from Europe of Teddy, Alice's big brother, can't fix everything. 5732 Great castle search...They wonder if there could be a connection. 1644 Five get into a fix Blyton, Enid 1997 The famous five

There is a man coming to kill us." A Man with a silver hand....29847 Fix-it man, The Powell, Dimity & Johnston, Nicky (ill) 2016 K~2 9781925335347 When things break

John (ill) 2002 A beautiful story about John Farrington, a boy who loved butterflies and grew into a man...Meet Cinderella, a young woman who wants to marry a nice, ordinary man and Goldilocks, the house-breaker

bush Kubler, Annie (ill) K-2 18833 Hickory dickory dock Caswell, Kelly (ill) K-2 4220 I am the music man...Adams, Pam (ill) K-2 98476 This is the house that Jack built Adams, Pam (ill) K-2 18003 This old man

(#3) Horowitz, Anthony 7-9 11634 French confection, The (#4) Horowitz, Anthony 7-9 121355 Blurred man...Justin 5-6 10014 Scorpion sting (#4) D'Ath, Justin 5-6 80496 Spider bite (#5) D'Ath, Justin 5-6 10011 Man

When Mercy heads for the kitchen, she finds a little man in a ten-gallon hat but he's not making toast...But one day a strange man sends him a new challenge.

Brown, Jeff & Nash, Scott (ill) 3-4 Fly on the wall series PRC ID Title Author Level 3726 Greek hero Manning..., Mick & Granstrom, Brita (ill) 3-4 46271 Pharaoh's Egypt Manning, Mick & Granstrom, Brita (ill) 3-4

Justin 5-6 10014 Scorpion sting (#4) D'Ath, Justin 5-6 80496 Spider bite (#5) D'Ath, Justin 5-6 10011 Man...(#15) Blyton, Enid 5-6 7205 Five go to Billycock Hill (#16) Blyton, Enid 5-6 1644 Five get into a fix

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Apprentices, The

"It's two years since Janie Scott last saw Benjamin Burrows, the mysterious apothecary's defiant son who stole her heart. Benjamin has been experimenting with a new formula, allowing him to communicate with Janie across the globe. When a mystery threatens them all, Janie, Benjamin and their friend, Pip, are thrown into a desperate chase around the world to find one another, while trying to unravel the mystery."

Meloy, Maile